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Cornea and Ocular Surface
What are Cataracts
A clear lens inside the eye helps focus light. This allows images to be seen sharply. As a person ages, the lens slowly grows cloudy and turns yellow. This cloudy lens is a cataract. A cataract scatters or blocks the light that passes into the eye. As a result, images appear blurry.

The Aging of Your Lens
Over time, the lens in your eye gradually clouds. It can happen so slowly that years may pass before you notice reduced vision. In early stages, glasses may help you see better. But as your lens becomes more cloudy, glasses may not be enough. Your doctor may then suggest surgery.

A clear lens lets your eye bring objects sharply into focus.

The lens slowly clouds,but you may not yet notice reduced vision.

A cataract can make objects
appear hazy, blurry, or dull.


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