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Cornea and Ocular Surface
The First 24 Hours
After surgery, you'll rest in a recovery area for less than an hour. Even though you may feel fine, you should take it easy. Your doctor will let you know what you should and shouldn't do once you get home. You may need to wear eye protection the first day. Also, remember to take any eyedrops or other medicine your doctor prescribes.

Back at Home
Spend your first day relaxing at home. Watch TV read, or talk to a friend.
      • Don't rub your eye.
      • Don't lift anything that makes you strain.
      • Don't drink alcohol within the first 24 hours.

How to Use Eyedrops
Special eyedrops help prevent infection and decrease swelling and inflammation. Here's one way to use them:

1. Tilt your head back
2. Pull your bottom eyelid down.
3. Squeeze one drop into your eye without touching your eye to the bottle tip.
4. Close your eye for a few seconds.
5. If more than one drop is needed, wait a few minutes before adding the next one


Getting Back in Action
You may be able to get back to much of your routine quickly. But with some tasks, your doctor may ask you to wait.



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