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Cornea and Ocular Surface
Secondary Cataract Surgery
Months or years after cataract surgery, your vision may become blurry again. This isn't caused by another cataract. Instead, the natural capsule that holds your new lens has become cloudy. This cloudy capsule is called a secondary cataract or after cataract. It's treated quicidy and painlessly in the doctor's office or in an outpatient clinic. Once the cloudy capsule is treated, it won't get cloudy again.

Treating a Cloudy Capsule

The doctor uses a laser to treat a secondary cataract. It takes just a few minutes and requires no needles or stitches. The laser beam creates a small opening in the capsule. This opening lets light pass clearly into the eye. Most people go home an hour or so after treatment, and can see sharply again right away.


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