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Cornea and Ocular Surface
Laser Surgery for Closed-Angle Glaucoma
Laser Surgery for Closed-Angle Glaucoma


A highly concentrated beam of laser light produces an opening in the iris (iridotomy). A contact lens is placed over the cornea to help focus the laser. Sometimes your eye doctor may treat more than one spot.
The laser opening allows the fluid behind the iris to flow forward.
Section of trabecular meshwork is teated. The laser treatment opens up the channel so the fluid can drain freely.



How You and Your Medication Can Help Your Condition
• Understand how your medication works and the best method for using it.
• Use your medication as directed by your doctor.
• Let your medical doctor know that you have glaucoma and what medications you are taking.
• Do not stop taking your eye medication without discussing it with your ophthalmologist.
• If you have a side effect or experience any changes with your vision or your eyes, call your eye doctor immediately.
• Have your eyes checked regularly.


keratoconus Crosslinking, Corneal Collagen Crosslinking
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