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Intacs® prescription inserts are indicated for use in the correction of mild shortsightedness (-1D to -3D) and astigmatism (up to 1D) for patients with keratoconus where contact lenses and glasses are no longer suitable.

Benefits of Intacs®

Intacs® offer an immediate improvement in vision and provide excellent results. In the US clinical studies, 97% of patients saw 20/40 or better with Intacs®, 74% saw 20/20 or better, and 53% saw 20/16 or better.
The Intacs® procedure

Before undergoing the 15 to 30 minute procedure, often, we recommend you undergo a  cross-linking procedure to halt the progression of keratoconus prior to Intacs®.

We will instil eye drops to numb the eye. The surgeon creates a tiny opening, less than 2 mm, near the upper edge of the cornea, beneath the eyelid. The surgeon then uses precise, specially calibrated instruments to create two small tunnels in the periphery of the cornea. The surgeon separates the corneal tissue but does not cut it. They insert Intacs® through the opening so that they rest in these tunnels, between the layers of corneal tissue Once in place; the two arcs flatten the cornea so that light rays can properly focus on the retina.

Healing and aftercare

Follow-up visits will be required to monitor the healing process and evaluate the visual benefits of the procedure. Visual improvement is apparent soon after a surgeon inserts the ring segments. Most healing takes place within the first week, with full stabilization achieved by one month.

Patients can usually continue with regular activities within two or three days of the surgery. Possible side effects include light sensitivity, decreased clarity in dim light, glare or haloes from lights at night, blurry or double vision and fluctuating distance vision. These side effects generally disappear as the eye heals.

If you want to know more about your suitability for Intacs®

Contact a member of our clinical team on +9122 26046898 to learn more about keratoconus or Intacs® and cross-linking procedures. Alertnatively contact us by email on


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